Monday, August 10, 2009

70-page paper? Check. Back to school? Working on it...

We’re still basking in the glow of producing 70 pages in a handful of days, in honor of Bishop Timothy Senior’s ordination and a week of news.

Enjoy the coverage and other interesting news, such as a breakthrough in stem cell research courtesy Catholic News Service, and an editorial on the topic.

But the glow fades and we’re on to the next deadline. This time it’s an Aug. 20 edition featuring a supplement on going Back to School. Sorry to make the kids cringe. But a growing number of students in the good 'ole US of A are heading back to school several times a year as this report or this more dated one shows. Year-round school it's called. Decide for yourself.

Whether you can’t wait to spend more long days with the little darlins’ or can’t wait till they board the bus on day 1 of 180, August seems to be flying by in a hurry.

Get those toes wet and fire up the grill for just a few more weeks. Most kids in archdiocesan schools head back September 9.

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