Friday, November 13, 2009

Catholic biz pros: All for One

For a first-time get together, the new Catholic Business Professionals of Greater Philadelphia that met last night was an impressive success.

The new group, which also has an online presence at LinkedIn, drew about 50 Catholics from various business backgrounds and parishes around the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to Kildare’s Pub in King of Prussia. There was some chat about doing business in this tough economic environment, no matter in what field people worked.

But mostly people seemed excited to make connections with fellow Catholics and to support each other in living their Catholic faith.

Some companies’ unethical practices put enormous pressure on Catholics who sincerely try to integrate their spiritual and moral formation into their work life. All the more so at a time when just walking away from a job means one might not find another for a long time.

People at the meeting shared their stories and strategies (doing what the boss wants but finding a way to do it in an ethical way) but mostly they shared good fellowship.

The group’s founder, Nick Gibboni, won a hearty round of applause for introducing himself and thanking those who had helped him pull together the gathering, featuring free attendance and donated food and drinks. Deacon Bill Masapollo led everyone in a prayer to thank almighty God for the friendship and Catholic connections forged last night.

In addition to the evident smiles and handshakes, more than a few people remarked how the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was incorporated into Catholic Business Pros’ logo. On fire for and united with the Lord, only good things are no doubt in store for this group.

Look for future coverage and promotion of the group’s next meeting, anticipated to be quarterly, in a coming edition of the Catholic Standard & Times.

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