Thursday, February 4, 2010

Value of the Catholic press: The proof is in the paper

February is Catholic Press Month, a time that the Catholic Standard and Times recommits to what it has always done: communicate the truth of the Gospel through Catholic news and catechesis.

Look no further for an example of the value of this newspaper than this week's front page. While many media reported that the Archdiocese called for a collection to assist earthquake ravaged Haiti, this is the only one that reports parishes have raised more than $583,000 so far.

Add to that more than $117,000 raised by Catholic schools in the Archdiocese.

The operations of this Catholic medium depend entirely on the newspaper's readers, both from subscriptions and their patronage of our advertisers. Readers on our web site also contribute traffic that shows online advertisers their message is extended beyond the printed page.

In this month we ask readers --both of the print product and on screens of various sizes -- to encourage other Catholics to subscribe to the newspaper. We’ll do our part to inform, educate and inspire all year long.

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